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The advantages of studying at Berlin University of the Arts

A long tradition

The history of Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin) goes back to 1696, but the university structure we know today has come into being over the last thirty years. Previously called the Academy of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste), it was renamed Berlin University of the Arts in November 2001.

At Berlin University of the Arts cultivating a close relationship between students and teaching staff is a high priority because this helps to create an environment in which students of art, music or design are able to develop their artistic and creative potential.

Distinguished professors

Among the teaching staff of Berlin University of the Arts there are many professors with an international reputation, while the list of alumni is also impressive. Lecturers at Berlin University of the Arts continue to pursue their careers as artists or musicians parallel to their teaching activities, allowing their students to profit from their many contacts and connections.

Berlin – the place to be

The German capital is one of Europe’s most acclaimed centres for culture and the arts. In recent years many musicians and artists from all over the world have settled in Berlin. Some of them have founded ateliers and ensembles, while others run galleries, play in orchestras, perform on the city’s stages or work in other creative fields. Berlin thus has a huge and exciting art, music and theatre scene that is highly varied and international.

A huge range of culture to choose from

Berlin has three opera houses and is home to several orchestras of international repute. The city also offers an impressive range of theatre and musicals and has an enormous number of museums and galleries. Students at the University of the Arts receive reduced-price tickets for many performances.

Low cost of living

Compared with other major cities like New York, Paris or London, rents and food cost very little in Berlin. A student card from the Berlin University of the Arts entitles you to use the complete of the city’s public transport system free of charge at any time.

Low fees

Students studying for a first degree in Berlin currently pay no tuition fees. The only charge is an administration fee of approximately 250 euros per semester (as of October 2008). It is therefore much less expensive to study in Berlin than in many other cities.


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