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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

When are the deadlines for application?

The deadlines may be different for each program – please see the specific information on the various programs.

Please note:
The arrival date is the relevant date for complete applications, not the postmark date.

How do I apply?

The application requirements vary with the programs – please read the information on the desired program to find out what you need to send in for the application. General application details: the arrival date is the relevant date for complete applications, not the postmark date. Fax or email applications are not possible.

How much does it cost?

No tuition is charged for all undergraduate programs. The only charge is an administration fee of approximately 280 euros per semester that includes a semester ticket for public transportation.

Which are the language requirements?

Please read the information on the desired program to find out what the language requirements for this program are.

Which are the semester dates?

There are two semesters: winter and summer semester. The lecture period of the winter semester is from mid-October to mid-February, and of the summer semester from mid-April to mid-July. The university’s facilities are open to students during recess.

Is there an entrance examination?

Admission to all programs is only possible after you have passed the respective entrance examination.

Which school leaving certificate is required?

The entrance requirements vary with the programs; please read the according program information.

Can I come to the UdK as a (paying) guest student for just one semester or two?

There is no such status as 'guest student' at the UdK (not even for money). You are either a degree-seeking student or an exchange student from one of our partner schools. For Berlin residents there is a possibility to apply as a 'guest auditor' (for theoretical lectures only, not for artistic practice) which does, however, not give them a student status.

Which degree do I get in Fine Arts?

The majority of German art schools have decided not to follow the introduction of a Bachelor and Master cycle in their programs of Fine Arts but to continue the well proven and successful one-tier of five years for which a certificate of graduation is issued (“Absolvent/ Absolventin”)

What does “Meisterschüler/ Meisterschülerin” mean?

The title "Meisterschüler/Meisterschülerin" is not to be compared with a master’s degree and has no equivalent in the Anglo-Saxon educational system. This title is an honour only awarded to the very best students in the German arts academy system.

Receiving the title "Meisterschüler" is only possible in the following courses of study at UdK Berlin: Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Art and Media.

The title can only be granted to degree holders of the University of the Arts Berlin, with the sole exception of Art and Media where external applicants can apply for a 1-year "Meisterschüler" program.