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Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences

The Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences is a postgradual, interdisciplinary and international fellowship program. Its goal is to advance the dialogue between the arts, sciences and humanities. It is geared toward highly qualified graduates from all artistic and academic disciplines who regard the communication and exchange with other disciplines as a prerequisite for their work.

The Graduate School will be open to artists from all fields and to PhD students from the humanities (such as art history, musicology, cultural studies) as well as – in co-operation with other universities and research institutions – the natural, engineering and life sciences.

Prospective fellows propose an art, design or academic project which is firmly rooted in one discipline but unfolds its specific qualities in the interplay with other disciplines. Doctoral candidates whose dissertation requires direct exchange with the arts can also apply.

The Graduate School will fund up to ten highly qualified artists as well as PhD students from all academic disciplines. Faculty of the Berlin University of the Arts will run the Graduate School and create individually designed curricula that strive to provide each fellow with the best conditions to realize his or her project, be it an art project or an academic thesis with a strong reference to the arts. After successful completion of the program fellows are awarded the certificate of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences.

The curriculum of the Graduate School is framed by an opening and closing ceremony each year as well as monthly colloquia. This core curriculum is enriched by seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, performances and presentations. Part of the curriculum is also that fellows teach at the Berlin University of the Arts. Teaching will provide fellows with the opportunity to communicate and validate their own work and research results while gaining teaching experience and qualifications.

Application and Contact

Grants will be published on the website of the Graduate School which also contains detailed information on the Graduate School as well as contact information: